Drug-resistant fungi spread rapidly, CDC says

Candida auris is a yeast responsible for many infections. Resistant to most antifungal drugs, this fungus causes several deaths around the world. BSIP | Universal Image Group | Getty Images An often drug-resistant fungus has spread at an “alarming rate” in healthcare settings across the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and … Read more

Japanese PM offers support to Ukraine as Chinese Xi backs Russia

KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — Prime Minister Fumio Kishida paid a surprise visit to Kyiv on Tuesday, drawing some of the world’s attention from rival Asian President Xi Jinping of China, who met in Moscow with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss of Beijing’s peace proposal for Ukraine that Western nations have already criticized. The two … Read more

US tells China stopover by Taiwan president is ‘nothing new’

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration spreads the word awaiting U.S. layovers from Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen would be consistent with recent precedent and should not be used as a pretext by China to intensify its aggressive activities in the Taiwan Strait. In recent weeks, senior US officials in Washington and Beijing have stressed to … Read more

Ex-Australian elite soldier charged with murder of Afghan

CANBERRA, Australia (AP) — Police charged Australia’s first veteran on Monday with an alleged murder in Afghanistan three years after a war crimes investigation found 19 Australian special forces soldiers could face charges of illegal conduct. Former Special Air Service Regiment soldier Oliver Schulz, 41, has been arrested in the state of New South Wales … Read more

United States: War Crimes on All Sides in Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration announced Monday that it has determined that all parties to the brutal conflict in Ethiopia’s northern Tigray region have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. The move has no immediate implications for US policy, but lends weight to calls for such allegations to be pursued. Secretary of State … Read more

Xi Jinping meets Putin to give isolated Russian leader a boost

Chinese leader Xi Jinping arrived in Moscow on Monday for a three-day visit that shows Beijing’s new diplomatic swagger and offers a welcome political boost to Russian President Vladimir Putin as fighting in Ukraine turns into a war of relentless wear.. China and Russia described Xi’s trip as part of efforts to deepen their “boundless … Read more

Putin proves an unpredictable partner for Xi as nations cement ties

In Russia from Monday to Wednesday, Chinese leader Xi Jinping will strengthen ties with an increasingly dependent on Beijing but also unpredictable partner. Russia is becoming increasingly dependent on China to buy its natural gas and keep its economy afloat in the face of Western sanctions. But Mr. Xi’s influence over Russian President Vladimir Putin … Read more

Struggle for science blocks key UN climate report

BERLIN (AP) — The release of a major new UN report on climate change is being delayed by a battle between rich and developing nations over emissions targets and financial aid to vulnerable nations. The report by hundreds of the world’s top scientists was due to be endorsed by government delegations on Friday at the … Read more

5 Ways US Bank Failures May Impact the Fed’s March 2023 Rate Decision

The Federal Reserve is meeting this week to decide its next move on interest rates just as its year-long fight against inflation is colliding with a crisis in the financial sector. The Fed’s next move will be closely watched as recent bank failures bring back memories of the 2008 financial crisis. Even ahead of Wednesday’s … Read more