The hero of “Hotel Rwanda” will be released from Rwandan prison

The hero of “Hotel Rwanda” will be released from Rwandan prison

(CNN) Paul Rusesabagina, who inspired the Hollywood film “Hotel Rwanda” and had been sentenced to prison in Rwanda, had his sentence commuted by the country’s President Paul Kagame after his request for clemency, Rwandan officials announced on Friday. Rusesabagina was convicted of terrorism-related charges in September 2021 and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. … Read more

Badger tunnels interrupt traffic on Dutch railways

By Marita Moloney BBC News 11 minutes ago source of images, Getty Images Legend, A badger (file image) Badgers burrowing under train tracks have wreaked havoc on train services in the Netherlands, causing cancellations and line closures. Trains in the north and south of the country have been affected, with some services disrupted for at … Read more

What future for pension reform in France?

After a string of dramatic days in French politics, controversial pension reforms were passed the hard way on Monday. French Prime Minister ANDLisabeth Borne pushed the bill through the National Assembly, the lower house, last week citing Article 49.3. The constitutional clause grants the executive branch of government the privilege of passing a bill without … Read more

US ‘extremely disturbed’ by Israeli plans to restore West Bank settlements

Biden administration warns Israeli officials against pursuing legal changes that would give green light to reestablishing settlements in the West Bank, a flashpoint with Palestinians who the US says will stoke violence during a peak of tension. State Department deputy spokesman Vedant Patel said in a lengthy statement on Tuesday that the United States is … Read more

Top 10 happiest countries in the world 2023

Finland has been the happiest country in the world since 2016. Tiina & Geir | Source of images | Getty Images The World Happiness Report has released its annual ranking of the happiest countries in the world and, for the sixth consecutive year, Finland has landed in first place. The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, … Read more

Powerful earthquake shakes Pakistan and Afghanistan

Islamabad— A strong earthquake lasting at least 30 seconds was felt across much of Pakistan on Tuesday evening, witnesses said. “People ran out of their houses and were reciting the Koran,” an AFP correspondent in Rawalpindi said, with similar reports coming from the capital Islamabad, Lahore and elsewhere in the country. People are seen on … Read more