Blac Chyna reveals her facial filler removal after butt reduction

Blac Chyna at an event in Atlanta on Friday.
Para Griffin/Getty Images

  • Blac Chyna shared the results of removing all of her facial fillers on Instagram.
  • This came after the TV personality decided to reduce her breasts and silicone implants.
  • “It’s time for a change,” said Chyna, who joked that she looked like Jigsaw with fillers.

Blac Chyna is on a journey to return to her natural state and she takes everyone with her.

The TV personality, 34, shared her decision to remove her facial fillers and film the procedure in an eight-minute Instagram video on Thursday.

The clip, which amassed nearly 250,000 likes on Sunday, comes just three days after Chyna revealed she had undergone a reduction with silicone breast and buttock implants.

Speaking to the camera in her latest video, Chyna, real name Angela White, said she had heard that removing facial fillers could ‘sting’ but she hadn’t not afraid due to its determination to remove them from its jaw and cheeks.

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“That’s enough and everything has to come out,” she said. The clip then shows Chyna, who shares daughter Dream Kardashian with Rob Kardashian, arriving at Allure Laser in Los Angeles for the procedure.

Asked by her doctor why she decided to remove the filler, Chyna said she wanted to maintain her natural appearance.

“First of all, I’m tired of the look and it’s just not flattering, it’s just not what I look like,” she said. “It totally changed my face.”

She added that she was ready to return to “Angela”, a reference to her real name. “I feel like I’m past that and it’s just time for a change,” she said.

Chyna explained that whenever she’s done makeup before, she feels like the Jigsaw character from “Saw” or “The Mask” due to the definition of her jawline and cheeks when contoured.

“I would look like Jigsaw,” she joked, adding later in the procedure that the fillers made her face look rectangular. “It made my face look like a box.”

Blac Chyna in Pasadena, California in February.
Gilbert Flores/Getty Images

As the doctor dissolved the filler, Chyna said she felt like she saw an “almost instant” difference in her face after the “easy process.”

“I’m traveling right now, and I just want to start fresh,” she explained. “Cheers to the girls who want to get filled. We’re not saying don’t. But just for me, I’m just a little over the whole phase.”

Her comments echoed opinions shared by Chyna in a series of videos about her butt and breast reduction.

“Honestly, I feel like I’m past that point, I’ve been there, I’ve done that,” she said, adding that she was “going down a different path.”

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